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Unconfirmed report: Daphne-raised jihadist Omar Hammami executed (Update)

omar-hammami-terorMOBILE, Alabama — Mobile NBC ffiliate WPMI-TV15 has reported on



its website that Unconfirmed Reports indicate a Daphne native




Who joined an Al-Qaeda-linked terror group in Somalia may be dead.




Omar Hammami is also Known as Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki and "The American." In 1999, he joined a Somali rebel group called Al-Shabaab and eventually became one of the organizations’s top commanders. The English report originated from intelligence blog Selected Wisdom citing a number of posts on jihadi forums and a link to a Somali media source.

Another intelligence blog, criticalthreats.org, also cited the Somali media source stating: "There is speculation that Omar Hammami, the American al Shabaab leader, was executed on April 4 by other al Shabaab members. Hammami appeared in a video last month in which he said he was afraid for his life due to disagreements within the organization."

Hammami has lived for years under indictment by U.S. prosecutors and the constant threat of death at the hands of the Somali government. He posted a short video online last month expressing concerns that his life was in danger due to unspecified disputes with the group’s leadership.

“To whomever it may reach from the Muslims, from Abu Mansour al-Amriki, I record this message today because I feel that my life may be endangered by Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahideen due to some differences that occurred between us regarding matters of the Shariah and matters of the strategy,” he says in English in the video, while standing in front of a black flag and an assault rifle.

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