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Yemen and Somalia are last strongholds of terror network under siege

awlaqiThese days there are far more Terrorist Experts" earning their living because of



Their supposed knowledge of al-Qa’ida Than there are real members of al-Qa’ida.



This is an important reason why the organisation will not fade from the headlines or



From the list of threats that governments see as facing their countries despite the death of Osama bin Laden. None of these "experts", whether they work for governments, intelligence services, the armed forces, the media or in academia, will ever have an interest in declaring al-Qa’ida or groups like it as defunct or irrelevant.

Their continued employment, budgets and influence has to be justified by continuous threat inflation.

It is not that Al-Qa’ida poses no threat, but it differs markedly from public perception. The group was never a well-coordinated

Worldwide network of terrorists answering to a central headquarters in Afghanistan or Pakistan. But after 9/11 it had such

A fearsome reputation, and occupied such a pre-eminent place in US demonology, that any hint of its presence was highly publicised

And had an immediate international political impact. No government could afford to allow the US to endure another 9/11.


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