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Museveni Warned The Western Countries Their Superiority in Technology To impose War on less Developed Countries Without impeachable logic Will ignite An Arms race in The World

ugandan-president-museveniPRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has Attacked the Western countries for




Their military action in Libya and Accused them of double standards.




Over the weekend, France, UK, Canada, US and Denmark launched




Aerial attacks on military targets and bases in Libya, arguing that they are intended to halt Col. Muammar Gadaffi loyalists from killing civilians. Museveni also warned that the habit of the Western countries using

Their superiority in technology to impose war on less developed countries “without impeachable logic” will ignite an arms race in the world.


“The actions of the Western countries in Iraq and now Libya are emphasizing that might is ‘right.’ I am quite sure


that many countries that are able will scale up their military research and in a few decades we may have a more armed world,” Museveni said in a statement yesterday.


In the nine-page statement, the President accused the West of hastily imposing a ‘no-fly zone’ on Libya yet it has dragged its feet on the Africa Union request for the same over Somalia.


“We have been appealing to the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Somalia so as to impede the free movement of terrorists, linked to Al-Qaeda that killed Americans on September 11, killed


Ugandans last July and have caused so much damage to the Somalis, without success. Why?” the President asked.


The UN imposed a ‘no-fly zone’ on Libya last Thursday.


Museveni also accused the West of looking on as a Libya-like crisis evolves in the Great state of Bahrain.


The President said despite Gadaffi’s past mistakes that included supporting Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, trying to bulldoze the AU and meddling in internal affairs of several countries using cultural leaders,


he is an independent minded nationalist who has developed his country to middle income and refused to become a Western puppet.


“Muammar Gaddafi, whatever his faults, is a true nationalist. I prefer nationalists to puppets of foreign interests. Where have the puppets caused the transformation of countries?” Museveni wondered.


He suggested that an extra-ordinary summit of the AU should be called in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia to help extricate “all of us from possible nasty complications.”

Museveni urged Gadaffi to sit at a round table with the opposition, adding that since there have never been elections in Libya, “dialogue is the correct way forward.”

“The ideal responsible Government should also be an elected one by the people at periodic intervals,” he advised.



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