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EU Stands by Somalia Amid Attacks EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton issued A Statement Saying

catherine-ashton- BRUSSELS, (UPI) -Terrorist attacks in Somalia undermine any chance

For peace in the troubled African Nation, Europe’s top foreign policy



Chief said. Al-Shabaab, the al-Qaida Affiliate Waging war against


The interim government in Somalia, claimed responsibility for a suicide attack at a police station that killed 10 people, including civilians and high-ranking police officials.

Forces loyal to the transitional government and members of the African Union peacekeeping force continued their assault on al-Shabaab this week.

A representative for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton issued a statement saying Ashton deplored the latest attacks but said the European community would continue to stand by Somalia.

"The EU remains committed to provide support to all those who are making efforts to bring peace and security to the country and to build a stable Somalia," the statement read.

Four Americans were reported dead Tuesday off the coast of Somalia. The bodies of yacht owners Jean and Scott Adam and passengers Phyllis Mackay and Robert Riggle were found after gunfire erupted during an attempt by the U.S. Navy to broker their release, the New York Times reported.

Somalia hasn’t had a functioning central government in decades and the transitional government controls only a tiny section of Mogadishu.

The mandate for the transitional government expires in August



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