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The Envoy, Augustine Mahiga, Told The UN Security Counci Somalia May Need To Be More Than Doubled To 20,000 Troops in Coming Months


UNITED NATIONS (AFP) – The international peacekeeping force in Somalia may Need to be more than doubled

To 20,000 troops in coming months because of the increased insurgent threat, a UN envoy said Thursday.

The envoy, Augustine Mahiga, told the UN Security Council that More international action is needed to stop

 Foreign fighters and weapons getting into Somalia to attack the African Peacekeepers and government forces.The AMISOM force in Somalia, which has been defending the government in Mogadishu,


Has a current authorized limit of 8,000 but is currently about 2,000 short. Mahiga also called on the Somali government “to reach out more To opposition groups,


Expand the political process and focus on delivering basic services to the people.” Kismayo, one of Somalia’s biggest cities, has become “the entry point for


Foreign fighters, war materiel for the insurgents and a scene of criminal activities,” Mahiga said. “There is a need for increased maritime

And aviation security to deter these materiel from being used against AMISOM and the (government),” the Tanzanian diplomat added.


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