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Kenya Mall Shooting: At Least 59 Killed, 175 Injured in ‘Senseless Act of Violence’

kfkhAt least 30 hostages remain trapped inside an upscale mall




in Nairobi, Kenya, More than 24 hours after unsuspecting


Shoppers were met with a Siege of Terror



when attackers dressed in black, wearing facemasks and vests, threw grenades and opened fire on unsuspecting crowds. Kenya’s interior Cabinet secretary Joseph Lenku said at least 59 people were killed and at least 175 others were injured in the attack.

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AU Somali force readies for possible Ethiopia pullout

sfaAfrican Union forces battling Islamist insurgents in Somalia are preparing



Troops to take over should Ethiopia Withdraw more soldiers from the Region,



Their commander said Thursday. we have in place contingent measures



To ensure that areas in Bay and Bakool…remain stable and secure in the event of further Ethiopian troop withdrawals," said Andrew Gutti, commander of African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM), referring to southwest Somali regions currently controlled by Ethiopia.

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As peace expands, Somalia gov’t asks UN to let it import weapons for military

jgNAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Should Somalia’s fledgling government



be allowed to import weapons to arm its nascent military? With



areas under government control increasing and the threat from al-



Shabab militants decreasing, that’s the question being put to the U.N. Security Council. The African Union this week appealed to the council to allow arms and other military equipment into the country to equip Somalia’s military. It is a request being made as the international community begins to look at how long it will be before Somali troops can provide security on their own, allowing the departure of African Union troops, who have been in Somalia since 2007.

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Madax Caalami ah oo Maanta Muqdisho Ku qulqulaya si ay uga qeyb galaan Caleema Saarka Madaxweynaha Cusub

muqdishoMqdisho: iyadoo ay maanta Magaalada muqdisho ka dhici doonto



Munaasabad weyn oo caleema saar Loogu sameyn doono Madaxweynaha



Cusub ee soomaaliya ayaa waxaa soo gaaray Muqdisho



Madaxweynayaal ay ka mid yihiin Madaxweynaha Dalka Sudan Cumar Xasan Al-Bashiir Madaxweynaha Dalka Djibuti Cismaaciil Cumar Geelle Madaxweynaha Ugandha Yueri Museveni R/wasaaraha Ethiopia Heile Mariam R/wasaare ku xigeenka DalkaTurkiga Bakir Bozdag

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Khudbadii uu Maxamad C/llaahi Farmaajo Baarlamaanka u Jeediyay

Khudbadii Sh Shariif uu Maanta u Jeediyay Baarlamaanka

Daawo Khudbadii Salad Cali Jelle oo Aheyd tii Ugu Xiisaha Badneyd uguna Qosolka Badneyd